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August 1, 2013

Slight aches in my calves but not a whisper from my back today. My mileage this morning was low so this may be why my back is fine, but whenever you switch to a new technique you have to build back up over time and not go rushing at it all out; on that path lies injury.

Looking forward to another run tomorrow morning.


The first day of the rest of my life?

Before we get into the whys of this blog, running history or physical issues, I wanted to get an initial run on the cards.

Today I did an initial two mile road run in my neighbourhood.

I was concentrating in a few things:
1) Breathing. I read an article in Runner’s World (in April so I hope it wasn’t a hoax) about changing your breathing so that you vary which foot you strike with on the exhale. I’m starting with three steps during the inhale and two for the exhale.
2) Lifting feet backwards quickly. Minimising the amount of time my feet are on the ground by pushing them back and up as quickly as possible. Based on advice from training videos.
3) Shifting to a mid-foot strike rather than a heel-strike. I can plod along for many miles (18+) with heel strike but it is slower, less agile, and feels very different to my track work running, so I’m going to try and change it.

I’ve not blogged before so I’m going to end the entry here for today and hope to learn more of the functional tricks to creating a blog as I go along.

Today’s run stats: 2 miles, pace: 8.11.

Stay Happy.