Rinse and Repeat

As I jumped out of bed I noticed my calves were rather chatty this morning. It seem that overnight the elves have climbed in and tightened my muscles with their pesky little wrenches. Nothing that a stretch won’t fix.

So first job this morning was to do some calf lifts standing on the edge of the fireplace. Stand with your heels protruding off the edge of the step, then lift your heels as high as you can and hold for a couple of seconds, then lower as far as you can (your heels should be lower than your toes). Hold for a couple of seconds, then repeat until you start to feel the muscles loosen up a little.

Then it was time to repeat yesterday’s run. A quick out and back two miler focusing on the same techniques (Day 1 Techniques). The change to a mid-foot strike felt far more natural today and I don’t think there was even one case where I slipped into a heel-strike.

My pace was recorded as far better today (2 miles @ 7:53) but never trust a GPS device for a one-off run, especially when it is overcast. 🙂


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