Daily Archives: August 3, 2013

Is it Possible to Break Your Calves?


And there you have it. Today is a rest day (because Mrs. B is out running eleven miles) and my calves are knotted up like golf balls. I can barely walk properly as I cannot roll my foot up towards the toes without my calves protesting noisily (Moo?).

Even strong experienced runners can cock up training and give themselves pain if they try hard enough.

What did I do wrong? I suspect it is too much too soon. Running two miles, two days in a row, with a new technique is probably the cause here.

As with all training you have to break into things slowly and build up over time; I harp on about this whenever I’m given a chance because I dislike all those “couch to 10k” type programmes because they may get you (limping) to the distance, but they also have quite high injury rates among my friends and they do not convert people to regular runners; people run for the one event they were training for and then they stop. Running for life is what this should all be about!

What is needed now?
1) Stretches to alleviate the current pain & fortunately I already have a massage booked up for Monday night, purely by coincidence.
2) Strengthening exercises to build up muscular support for the new movements.
3) Practice for the various components of the new movements.
4) Gradual introduction of those changes into the running routine.

All of which means I need some sort of plan. I’ll do some research over the weekend and see what I can pull together in time for Monday morning’s first run of the week.

Time to go and stretch.