Daily Archives: August 12, 2013

Step in Time

Back after a weekend off running and with 85 miles of cycling under my belt, it is time to get back into the running groove.

Today’s target was to get my footfalls to match the beat of the metronome, so I started with a slightly slower rate of 185 strides per minute, rather than my calculated 194 spm as I was having difficulty with that pace on Friday.

I was also trying to keep my form in check and to keep striking with my mid-foot and falling through my heel. These were the only pieces I really concentrated on today. The arm swings, breathing and pushing backwards with legs were left for another day.

I actually feel like I managed to get through the run maintaining the beat of the metronome. That slight decrease in the pace seems to have made a difference to my timing. There were points where it became very natural to run like this. It was interesting to try and keep to the beat when I was running up hill too as this required some extra effort.

It is definitely an odd thing running to a metronome and I am not sure that I am convinced about it yet. My pace is certainly slower since I added it for the last two runs, but that may be because I’ve shifted my focus from the tweaks that propel me. The two miles today were @ 7:44 pace.

I will try increasing the spm a little tomorrow to see if I can sill maintain the rate.

I feel that I need to find some exercises that will help me with the push off backwards so that will be my research for today.

One observation since starting this process of unlearning is that I am definitely putting in more effort for the runs. With my previous style I could run two miles and not even notice. With this approach I am more sweaty and tired at the end of the run. I guess it means that I am at least putting in more effort.

Happy Monday.