Rain Stops Play

Normally I am an advocate for just getting out and running despite what the elements may throw at you. Rain. Snow. No problem. Ice; think twice.

Running in the rain is rather a liberating experience (as is cycling in the rain). It casts me back to childhood when I didn’t really care what it was like out; I was just happy to be out doing something. Running and riding in the rain tend to make me smile. Big, uncontrollable smiles often accompanied by giddy laughs. Perhaps laughing at how soaked I am but mainly about being free to get so wet.

If you are out and it starts raining… just suck it up and keep going. It is fun.

This morning, however, it was absolutely tipping down with blasts of thunder and I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to go out in it; even for a short run. Instead I thought about how wet my shoes would get (probably damp for a few days), and how comfortable my bed would be. So I didn’t go out in the storm that blew through at 5am. I went back to bed.

Now I’m regretting having missed that feeling. I will go out after work for a quick run but I doubt it will be as liberating…

**update from the evening run:
Evening runs are not very pleasant in general. The fatigue of the day wears heavy on my legs and the humidity is stifling. However, I ran at a different place and there were others to overtake which obviously motivates me. My two mile pace was 7:14 within the first half mile at under 7:00. Very surprising.

I found myself out of breath quite quickly though and was glad when the voice on my sleeve declared the end of the run.

I ran at 188 strides per minute and was mainly able to keep up with it although the route I ran was more contoured than my recent training runs.


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