Making New Roads Towards Performance

Running is putting one foot in front of the other; then repeat.

If only it were that simple. 🙂

I was back to my local two mile run today and I was trying to concentrate on the position of my hips. I read that they need to be tilted slightly forwards so that your stomach/belly is leading you forward. (The opposite position would make your bum stick out the back). With hips in the correct position you’ll find this naturally moves your weight further forward making it easier and more natural to do a mid-foot strike.

Consequently I think the run today went very well. This paired with the fact that part of my new route has just been repaved made for a happy morning! I can almost forgive the driver who blew through the stop sign and nearly ran me down; less than two feet between us. I know it was dark but when I run I look like a disco with all the lights I have on so I don’t believe for a second that I wasn’t visible.

I ran with my heartrate monitor today and will start to analyse those results soon.

I am considering getting a stride sensor so I can see how close to the metronome beat I am running. It would probably be a useful thing to have. Given the impending iPhone update announcement I shall wait to check that it is still supported in the next version.

Two miles @ 7:12 is pretty good. I felt strong and fresh at the end. This unseasonally cool weather is definitely helping. 53F. Nice.


3 thoughts on “Making New Roads Towards Performance

  1. Fabien

    I would recommend to read Chi Running from Danny Dreyer.
    I have changed the way I am running for the best I believe, started in end of 2011 and still improving but it has made a complete difference for me.


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