Staying in the Moment

With the quiet patter of the metronome tickling the darkness you set foot on another day, gradually winding your legs up to pace and rounding the first corner. Look at that. The orange moon is sitting in the sky between the trees that line the boulevard and you strike out towards it; a small step for man…

Then the voice on your arm cuts in with “Wake up, kiddo. You are running at 7:45 pace…”.

Gaa. Distracted again. Goodnight moon.

Think about all the things that you need to do. Foot strike is correctly mid foot. Arms are swinging straight and held correctly. Breathing is all over the shop. Push back with your feet and pull up with your thighs. Bring on the power. Check your steps are in time with the metronome. It all seems pretty good. Recheck again.

When next the voice chirrups my average pace is back in the zone @7:17. Turn around and charge back up the little hill to the main street and think about the day ahead.

Snap. “Your pace is 7:17…”. Another segment passes at a constant pace. But where was I focusing? It is like a scene from Momento; what is my reality?

Now to focus for the last section. Recheck all movements and they are good and smooth. Breathing is still a mess. Lets wrap this up. Count the beeps and done.

Looking at my segment times you can clearly see when I was in the game and when I was off with the fairies. But those segments were fast and that makes me want to do it again. Tomorrow. But first today….



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