Come Together, Right Now.

I managed to ignore the Blue Moon today and concentrate on my run from the outset. It all came together.

I’ve found that my new running style now feels quite natural and that I don’t have to concentrate on all of the components the whole time. I increased my strides per minute from 188 spm to 190 spm as yesterday I found that I was keeping the cadence easily. I was able to cope with this small change without a problem. I found that my mid foot strike was very natural and that my arms were moving correctly throughout.

This allowed me to start to think about pushing back with my feet, pulling forward with my thighs and increasing my stride length a little, while maintaining the cadence. I think I still need to do some more exercises to build these muscles more, but I’m pretty happy with how I was performing.

My pace for today was 7:01 and two of the half mile segments were at 6:33, so clearly I can still improve.

I think now that I need to start paying attention to stride length and reducing my heart rate. I have been monitoring my HR for a week now during my runs and it is quite high and I suspect would be unsustainable for a longer distance run. It is easily in the max range for most of the run. I hope that increasing the stride length slightly (while ensuring I don’t slip back to a heel strike) will allow me to get to a lower heart rate. Part of this will also be about conditioning and increasing the distance a little may help here.

Let the experiments begin…


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