Heart Rate Zone Training

After a weekend of lighter cross-training (basic body weight lifts, pulls and pushes, monkey climbing, etc. at the playground, and a 42 mile intense Buke ride) it was time to consider my approach for this next few weeks.

Firstly I need to start increasing my distance from two miles. For the next few weeks I’ll work at three mile runs.

Secondly, I want to start noticing and training within the correct heart rate zones otherwise it will be very difficult to increase my mileage significantly.

My wife found another formula for calculating max heart rate on the Runner’s World website that they have tested so I’m going to use that until I calculate my own specific max.

Their formula for men over 40 is 205 -(.5 x age). This gives me an estimated 184 which seems closer to numbers I have observed over the last few weeks. I will add this to my HR formulae table here.

For the run today I tried to stay in the 80-90% HRmax range which equates to 147-165. For my first attempt at this I feel I was quite successful, but at the cost of my speed which fell to a 7:44 pace. I think this was because I was concentrating on HR and not focussing on pushing backwards or lifting legs. I also stopped my metronome partway because trying to keep on that beat pushed my HR up too high. I think my general form was good though.

I did spike out if the range once but only briefly. At the end of the run I didn’t feel over stressed and recovered very quickly.


2 thoughts on “Heart Rate Zone Training

  1. David

    Having some information and feedback about the HR should help a lot. There is some part of it that just likes digging into data, caculating and factoring thigns. Keeps things interesting.


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