Legs of Lead

My body did not want to run today. I guess I haven’t had a proper day off for a while as looking at my workout calendar it shows only three days off this month, and I know two of those were actually playground training days that I don’t put in my tracker.

After yesterday’s run I cycled to and from work, albeit slowly, and today I could feel it in my calves. The additional ballast could be due to increasing the distance from two miles to three, I suppose.

Today felt like a trudge for the first mile while my legs got going and that was reflected in my pace of 7:56. However, I did keep my heart rate mainly in the right zone. I did enjoy the run but only after I’d warmed up.

20130827-060232.jpgI think I need to plan in a rest day and see how that helps my legs, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow. Today I want to ride to the office again because it is such a nice way to start the working day; riding through Valley Forge Historical National Park is stunning at any time of day but is more magical in the early morning.


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