Holiday Rest?

Do we take it easy on a holiday weekend? Of course we do.

Does that mean we don’t do any training? Naaaa!

With legs heavy from my cross training bike ride yesterday (53 miles of beautiful hills) I embarked on the first of my four mile runs for this week. Granted it was a lot later than I usually run (and therefore hotter and more humid; 95%) but it was a novelty to not need lights and to be able to see the ground in front of me.

I decided to use the metronome again today to try and get me used to running a higher cadence while still keeping my heart rate within the appropriate zones.

I am aiming to keep my HR under 90% (170 bpm) and mainly managed to do that. At my turn around point I was on an uphill slog and I my HR peaked around 178. The downhill helped to bring it back in range relatively quickly.

At the end my avg was 165bpm with a pace of 7:45.

I definitely need to work on my stride length next which becomes more difficult as the distance increases.

I should probably start mixing up the types of runs that I do too so that I am not always on the same route or HR zone.

I shall research some of this info and post it.

Happy with today’s run and greatful to not have to work. Labor Day rest is what’s needed now, well after a shower and breakfast!


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