Sprint to the Line

While I was out on my run today I was thinking about whether people should sprint to the finish line at the end of their short training runs.

Pros: you get to practice a sprint interval and race finish
Cons: it skews your average pace if you are tracking this closely; really you are supposed to warm down at the end of a normal run and not push harder; potential for injury increases so be even more wary near a race date.

Given that I’m tracking things so closely I think I should probably avoid the finish line sprints in my daily runs as it affects the data collected. I’ll get my sprint practice doing intervals at the track or fartleks (which I shall begin experimenting with soon). If you have any thoughts to add to the list, post them below.

My run today was another 4 miler but with fresh legs from taking yesterday off and a couple of days of larger meals, and it felt soooo good. I was able to focus on lifting my legs through the step today and I think that helped achieve my pace of 7:41 with my heart rate safely in the 75-85% range, except for the one hill where I still stayed below 90%. Good stuff!


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