Come on Legs, Move!

Friday is track intervals day and I was slow out of bed. This means that I end up getting gassed out by all the school buses as they start out for the day because the depot is behind the sports track.

Today I decided to try returning to my normal approach for intervals and just try to go all out for the very first lap. I nearly always find this gives me the fastest lap times even without warm ups. Odd, huh? I also ran with my heart monitor to see what ranges I hit during the fast laps.

The first lap was indeed the fastest with an equivalent pace of 5:37. Nice. I then ran a recovery (8:20), a moderate (6:53), another recovery (8:22), then a fast lap (6:05). After this I ran a recovery and then 6 normal pace laps as I was out of juice. I could not find any energy for my legs at all. My final lap was an all out attack and all I could muster was a 6:00 pace.

Despite my best efforts I am still losing weight and I think that’s why my I couldn’t get any more energy to my legs. Being mainly in the anaerobic threahold zone I guess my glycogen stores were low.

My heart rate maxed out at 181 which is about 93% of max. I was concentrating on proper form and pulling my legs through, but not too much on pushing back. I need to work on those muscles a little more, I think. My foot strike and body position was good and I was glad that the other people on the track let me breeze past and moved out a lane or two.

Here is the data from mapmyrun for HR and pace. I think it is interesting to see these two side by side as you can see where the increase in pace directly affects heart rate.

20130906-142454.jpgI’m pretty happy with the way the run went and 23:55 for 3.25 miles is quite a good time. I can do better though…


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