Making it Longer in NYC


It is time for me to start building my distance back up with my new techniques. I am in NYC for the Depeche Mode concert in Brooklyn last night so this is the ideal opportunity to run a little longer with no pressure to be fast.

I ran from my hotel at 58th and Lexington up to Central Park via Park Lane, then around the reservoir back down the other side of the park, and then wiggled my way back to the hotel. A lovely 7.3 mile route with few delays or traffic/pedestrian stops.

20130907-115410.jpgWhile I’m here I’m running the moves app to track my walking and location info, just out of interest really. It was a little off for the distance measurement compare with mapmyrun which had this route as 7.29 miles in 59.45, or a pace of 8:11. This is very much in the same range as my old running style, but I was deliberately running a relaxed pace today. It will be interesting to start cranking up the effort on these runs. The distance offered no problems and my legs felt strong despite all the bopping around last night to Depeche Mode; calves were aching from that a little, I must admit.

20130907-115820.jpgThey did a great show last night but I think the Barclay Center is rather more impersonal that the closeness of seeing them in Altantic City at the Borgata which has been our normal choice.

My running was solid and stuck well to the new techniques I’ve been instilling, so I’m happy. But can’t wait to be faster over distance too.


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