Walking NYC and Running Back Home

It is always hard to get moving on a Monday morning. The weekend’s excesses catch up with you and this was compounded by a drop in temperature; 49F. Brrrrr. I had to put on a jacket for my ride to work and I was still cold.

Over the weekend I setup the Moves app on my phone and tracked my walking while out and about in NYC. I managed to clock up just shy of 14 miles of walking between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. And this is in top of the 7.3 mile run. No wonder my legs were a little perturbed at my plan to run this morning.

But run I did.

I’m going to stick at four miles for another week so that I can start to work on the speed for this distance. Today I focused on cadence and breathing.

I was pushing my cadence by increasing the speed that I moved my arms. I know that seems strange but it genuinely works. Move your arms faster and your legs follow suit.

I also found I had capacity to think about my breathing and tried to get back into my uneven breathing experiment of three steps for in, and two for out. This then gives you an unbalanced breath cycle and changes the foot that strikes as you commence each cycle.

It was a good run with a pace of 7:49 which is faster than my lazy easy run on Saturday. Still plenty more work to do on the speed though. My heart rate was very controlled today.

20130909-123438.jpgThis is the view from the High Line walking trail in NYC back towards the Empire State Building. What a lovely trail that is VERY well used.


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