Running with my Grumble Pants

Just a quick post today. The run was hard. My legs would not spin and I am starting to feel a niggle in my lower back. Perhaps that was exacerbated by the walking at the weekend? My pace was a slow 7:55 and it was 20+F warmer and far more humid than yesterday. I seem to have my grumble pants on and they are almost certainly on backwards and giving me a wedgie. I don’t think I ate enough yesterday and I am rather depleted of energy so I shall address that today. I feel like I need to do a fast run just to remind my legs what that is supposed to feel like. My heart rate was in the right place between 75-88%.

It is amazing how quickly weekend weight from a few glasses of wine falls off once you get back into your normal routine. 152lbs on Monday AM and 150lbs this morning, despite having an extra cheese sandwich and some ice cream last night.


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