Breaking News: Champagne isn’t a Good Fuel for Runners

20130912-062456.jpgI believe I have to publish the bad runs as well as the good ones, so here goes.

After a night of celebration for 20 yrs with m’lady I put in my worst time recorded since starting this blog. It wasn’t a late night but the fuel wasn’t perfect from a performance point of view.

After completing my exhaustive study, with no blinding and a group size of one, I can say that Champagne is not a good preparation for running. 🙂

We had pizza, champagne, and choco lava cakes with ice cream for our little celebration, plus a couple of small cupcakes left over from an afternoon party my daughter attended.

This morning I was very thirsty (mildly hung over, I guess), it was also hot and humid outside (71F) which was not a good combination.

However, the measure of a runner is if they still get up and go out there regardless. And this I did.

Four miles with a pace of 8:17 and my heart rate was pretty low the whole time until my desperate sprint to try and salvage my time. It didn’t work.

I guess I won’t be changing my diet to have champagne more regularly… ho hum. If a champagne company would like to sponsor me to do some more research I guess I might consider it though.

On the bright side I did see a meteor zoom overhead today.


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