Inspired. Driven. Faster.

I’m not sure what made the difference today. Too many variables.

I did some Yoga for Runners before I started.

Last night I read about some crazy Boston ex-marathoner in Runner’s World who now competes successfully at all the tough mudders and similar races. He is really nuts but so focused. I love his training ethos.

I tested out the ‘coaching mode’ on mapmyrun to see what that would be like with a pace of 7:20 set. Interesting but I’m not sure I can be egged on by an electronic voice. Besides she was telling me to slow down most of the time…

My wife ran the Rock’n’Roll Half in Philly yesterday so I switched my cycling to Saturday. 77 miles in five hours, but 45 of those miles were Hills (capital-H; 12-16% in sections). This gave me an extra day to recover and all I did yesterday was two hours of Bounce-U with my daughter.

Or was it inspiration from my track run on Friday?

Today I ran a two mile short loop and just went for it. My result was a 7:01 pace and I had several sections that were faster still.

20130916-062202.jpgMy heart rate was in the 90% range for the return mile of my run but that didn’t slow me down.

I definitely need to do some work on my thigh strength and pushing back with my feet, plus I need to spend some time loosening my hip flexors and thighs to make my flow better.

Now to build this level of performance into a longer run…


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