Danger: Do Not Engage Brain

I awoke with a start. An hour before my alarm was due to go off I had a cramp in my left calf muscle. What the #? This jump started my brain and once your brain gets going that early in the morning there’s no shutting back down.

I got up and put on my running gear and tried to loosen that muscle through walking. Not enough, unfortunately. I tried going back to bed. As it was I’d had an early night and I wanted to try and make up the forty-five minutes I’d lost at that end of the night.

Chatter. Chatter. Chatter. My brain was having none of it.

Eventually I gave in and got up and could still feel the knot in my calf, so I did some Yoga for Runners. Boy, are my thighs and calves tight still. Not enough. I got the hard plastic ball down and used that to roll my calf muscle out. Mmmmm, nice. Sweet, sweet pain.

Now it is six fifteen and I cannot muster myself through the door. Even thinking about it now my butt is staying firmly on the stool while my mind is trying to push it out the door.

I will ride my bicycle to work today, but I think I’ve missed my running window. I know I’ll regret it all day. I already do. But my butt is still firmly on the chair. I want to run three fast miles.

Stupid brain.

Be quiet.

No, seriously. Stop it…


20130917-063408.jpgYes, that is a Pig Riding a Pineapple. See: Noisy brain.


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