Picking Up The Pace and Friendly Advice


I managed to get out of the house this morning despite the chilly 42F temps. Hurrah for small miracles!

My aim today was to increase my speed on my three mile course and I achieved this with a 7:15 pace. Good form held through the run and I think the few yoga stretches I’ve been doing are helping loosen my thighs and ease my back.

Last night I did a little cross-training hill ride in my bike. Not a long course (twelve miles or so) but with a couple if solid climbs to build some stamina in my thighs. I tend to try to keep the bike in the large front gear to build resistance rather than dropping to the smaller chain ring and using a higher cadence. I do use both techniques but for different situations.

After the ride I went to a local bar with friends, one if whom is just starting out in running and is having problems with shin splints. He had been told to do all his running on his toes and doesn’t have a decent pair of running shoes. Without seeing someone run it is hard to offer advice, but I did any way. I suggested the method I’ve been using of mid-foot strike then dropping to heel before the push off. But the method he’s using is perfectly valid (quite a lot have switched to that bare-foot style approach) it just takes longer to build up the distance.

In reality it is probably best that he gets to a running store and seeks advice on the shoes he should use for his foot type, and then sees where that gets him. It takes a long time to get the supporting muscles when you start out so it is important not to rush the process; enjoy the gradual build up and savour the victories you make over distances and time.

We each need to find our own ways to enjoy this sport.


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