Practice What You Preach.

I’m proud of myself today for I practiced what I preach on these pages: get up, get out and run.

My parents are visiting for a coule of weeks and their arrival was delayed due to airlines, etc., so I got to bed two hours later than usual last night. Despite this my body woke me up at five AM as normal and rather than rolling over and falling back to sleep I got up, grabbed my running gear and went downstairs.

I sat and contemplated it for a whole, but then headed out the front door. And the rewards were massive.

Firstly, that rather splendid harvest moon that we are experiencing at the moment. Wow, it was so bright out there that I didn’t need to use my flashlight to see (I still had it flashing so that drivers could see me though!). No picture as I doubt my camera phone has the low-light wherewithal to be able to produce a good enough image. It will be imprinted on my memory though, as will the feeling of achievement and serenity.

Secondly, my legs felt fast after a day of rest yesterday, resulting in a 7:17 pace over three miles. I had strong form and was starting to experiment with increasing stride without over-striding; a tricky balance to try and maintain. I still need to do more experimentation around this along with some appropriate training moves.

Thirdly, running back home was towards a rather superb sunrise. There’s something poetic about seeing the road you are on rolling into a distant sunrise. Lovely.

Really, I was scheduled to do a track day, but any run is better than no run, and this run was better than most.

This next week is going to see a gradual reduction in workouts as I start a taper week before my one big cycling weekend of the year; the MS 150 City to Shore ride.



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