Cross-Training Injury Narrowly Avoided.

No run today as my father loaded me up with whiskey last night so I was too hungover to run. Plus, my gear was in the room that my parents are staying in, so I couldn’t get to it. I’ve already pulled some gear out for the next few days…

However, it gives me a chance to comment on my cross-training from this weekend.

Bounce-U with my little one on Saturday was entertaining, but my father (69) decided to climb up a tall tower and got caught partway for quite a long time. He did eventually make it to the top and come down the slide to rapturous applause from other parents at the place.

Sunday was a cycling day. 77 miles of flat trails with my team mates. We are fortunate enough to rarely have accidents, but not this week.

My friend Leo caught my back tyre as we squeezed through a small ramp near the Falls Bridge in Philly. I went right and he left, resulting in his tyre going into my rear wheel and causing him to rollover with the bike. His clips didn’t pop undone and he ended up with a deep and bloody cut around his ankle. Fortunately there was a police officer nearby who called for an ambulance and a medic (24 hour relay race was still going), who bandaged him up and shipped him off to a hospital. 11 stitches. Ouch.

I’m not sure if I should feel guilty. I was in front and didn’t know where he was, or that he was that close. I went to the right which is unusual for that point and I didn’t communicate that I was going to go that way. Crunch! He seems to be recovering well and I’ll take over some whiskey to try and help him feel better about it.

Thankfully he wasn’t intending to ride the MS150 next weekend with the rest of the group.

It is important to keep communicating at every point of your ride when you are in a large group. Sometimes we all need reminders.

Heel quickly mate. Two weeks and then we can be back on the trails…


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