Don’t Overthink It

It is so much harder to get out and run when you are officially on vacation, especially after late nights with good food and a couple of beers with your parents. 🙂

But I managed to get out for a quick three mile run today. For some reason my brain thought that 42F was going to be cold, but it wasn’t too bad once I was out there and the cool air was lovely to breathe in. Three miles @ 7:34 pace was good considering my brain didn’t want to run at all; my body ran out the door while my brain wasn’t paying attention. This is a neat trick that I’d recommend to anyone that finds themselves overthinking their runs. Let your brain focus in on something, let it continue to be distracted with some detail, but then just get up and walk outside… then start running before your brain concocts any other excuses! I found myself heading out of my road before my brain even realized it. Heh, heh, heh. Stoopid brain.

This afternoon I managed to get out and do a quick bike ride in preparation for the weekend’s MS150 ride. If you are short on time but want to squeeze in a quality ride then aim for clear roads and hills. The hills help you build up more stamina for the longer rides. My tracking app freaked out and only recorded 4.16 miles instead of the 17+ that I did! but that’s no big shakes; I’d rather it did that on a bike ride than a run any day.

One or two more mornings of light exercise before I taper down completely in preparation for the 175 miles I’ll be riding over the weekend. I have to also hydrate and not have too many beers until after the ride and that is difficult now my dad has stocked the house with beer, wine, gin and whiskey.

It is so much easier to practice self-control when you have no good stuff in the house (our normal M.O.).


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