Just How Long Can You Call Them Recovery Runs?

A repeat of my new four mile route again today, but I wonder how long I can call these recovery runs? When do I have to just say I’m running slower?

Today’s pace was 8:18 which is back in my pre-unlearn timings, but I actually ran without any ‘voice trainer/feedback’. Normally I have this set to tell me the distance, average pace and current heart rate (if connected), and recently I switched it to ‘trainer’ mode where it tells you how you are doing against a set pace, although the encouragement features are pretty lame. So it seems that the little voice does do something for my motivation and resulting timing. I’ll have to add that to the list of techniques used.

I was nice, however, to have an entirely silent run. I didn’t even use the heart rate monitor. The temp was a lovely 55F under the stars.

I need to now start with some plyometric exercises to build my springiness and help increase my strides. Something to research when I get some time…


One thought on “Just How Long Can You Call Them Recovery Runs?

  1. Doggy's Style

    My recovery runs always suck. I can pace myself when I’m doing tempo runs, but for the slower pace I always end up finishing too fast.
    Silent runs are good every now and then.


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