Circuit Cramps

What a disappointing track interval workout today at the local high school!

I started out with an excellent 5:37 pace first lap and was going for a fast/recovery/mid/recovery cycle. My second fast lap (lap 5) was under six minutes too…

But then (cue the dramatic music and roll the timpani to a crash cymbal) my right thigh cramped up on me. I tried to keep running but that seemed to aggravate it. So I walked and jogged then remainder of that lap.

I stopped for a few stretches and tried to start running again but could not really lift my right leg properly for fast running. I decided to complete my workout but just stick to slower laps so I’d at least reach my distance for the morning.

I’m quite disappointed as I always look forward to my track days. Still, even my slow/recovery runs were faster than the school gym teachers that were also running on the track; they talk too much to get good times.

My lungs feel like I’ve been inhaling from a tail pipe (exhaust) as all the school buses from the depot behind the track went out on their routes while I was training. Bleurgh!


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