Lazy Saturday, Redefined

Have you ever had a lazy Saturday and then wished you’d done so much more?

Then redefine it!

I felt tired and lazy this morning and hung out in my pajamas for a while, but then…

A morning ride with my daughter in the trailer down a beautiful leaf-strewn trail over a small mountain (Spring Mountain); always fun climbing 12% grades with a trailer but it earned me some applause from a couple guys that had just pushed their bikes up the slope. Just a quick thirteen miles and then some play time at a kids playground. Pull ups, climbing, etc.

Then go home, get changed and head out for an eight mile run on a shady trail. I was quite slow because it was 84F and my legs were already worn but still managed a 8:10 pace. Not bad given that I haven’t run this distance for a while.

Lazy Saturday, redefined.

Now it is your turn.


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