Everything is Down

On Sunday I was cross-training with my friend on our usual cycle route when she hit a slippery and bumpy patch of the road, right in a corner and came off her bike, sliding all the way across the junction. Fortunately there was no traffic going the other way at the time and she wasn’t too badly hurt. Bumps, scrapes, etc. we got her cleaned up at a nearby Starbucks and rested until there was a train to get her home easily. Definitely a case where her helmet stopped her getting more serious injuries; there’s a dent and scrape on one side of it. I see so many people on the trail thinking that they don’t need a helmet. They are wrong.

After the ride (61 miles) I wanted to try a run so I could see how duathletes feel… “Ouch.” That’s all I can say. My legs did not want to move in that way. My 2.5 mile run was at an 8:29 pace. Very slow for me and I couldn’t get up one of the hills. I had ridden quite hard and down a few hill workouts, so I guess I could use that as an excuse, but still ouch!

This morning I decided to see if I could do better on the same route but found that I had a similar result of an 8:25 pace.

What’s the difference?

1) tired legs; that’s going to always be the case going forward, so I can’t really use that as an excuse.
2) I wasn’t monitoring my weight again and I’ve dropped 4 lbs since Thursday. Gaa!

Friend down.
Weight down.
Pace down.

I, however, am not down.


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