Rest without missing a Run

After the depletion of the weekend I decided I needed a rest on Tuesday morning. However, this would mean I missed a run (gasp, shock, horror), so I chose to do an evening run instead. This was actually quite a nice change as there were other runners around (to run faster than) and I got to see a rather splendid and very vivid pink sunset reflected in the river. Stunning!

My pace for this wasn’t too bad (7:40) considering it was quite a tiring day at the office and I was certainly faster than the others out on the trail. I think having that extra recovery time (and eating a bit more) has helped me feel a little stronger.

So, today I also did a four mile morning run and wasn’t as fast as I would have liked (8:23 pace), but I did really enjoy the run and felt very strong. My techniques are all in place and firmly established with good foot strikes and arms moving well.

Now to do something about the times…


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