Running with a Three Year Old

I promised my daughter that I’d take her along on my run today and she bloomin’ well remembered. I like her to see us actually doing the exercises rather than just turning up at home all sweaty and telling her. I want to train her to understand that people need to exercise.

So, I loaded up the BOB stroller and got her in the car.

The temp was higher than I expected when I dressed for the day because I spent so long playing games and jigsaws with her this morning. We hit the trail for a six and a half mile route that is busy with cyclists and other runners.

Leaves were falling and there were puddles from the last couple of days of rain. My daughter wanted me to target the puddles and splash through them. Great. Wet shoes from the start.

I over took a few people and always checked behind me for cyclists before I pulled out around them. Before the half way point my daughter was sound asleep.

On the way back I was high-fived by a guy running the other way: “five for dad!”.

Because I was slightly overdressed (underarmour cold weather shirt) I had to strip this off part way back. Sorry to anyone on the trail that had to witness this. Not normally my MO but I was too hot and the turtle neck was too much to bare.

As I finished the run the littl’un immediately woke up. Time to go and get lunch. Toasted cheese sandwiches. Yeeeeessss.

Good pace with the pushchair though, 8:07 for 6.3 miles. Quite happy with that. My arms ache a little from having to push and it does cramp your style because you cannot move your arms correctly. A good run though.


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