So. Many. Hills.

My wife and I are babysitting/house sitting for friends this week so I was not in an area I know very well this morning.

Perhaps I should have done a little more research before I ran out the door.

Perhaps I should have measured some distances or checked the scale of the map.

Perhaps I should have checked out the profile of the run.

But where would the fun in that be?

Instead I looked for a local park to run to and headed out that way. As I was continuing to run downhill towards the park entrance I was starting to worry. Down, down, deeper and down.

When I finally found the bottom of the hill and the entrance after 1.7 miles I should have probably turned around.

Once in Ridley Creek State Park I took the first left fork to try and run a loop that I’d seen on mapmyrun. Turns out that route was straight up a wall! And it had false peaks as it wound through the trees.

I eventually found the top and there was a boot camp class going on in a car park. Good to see some other mad people out.

Then I ran out through the main park entrance road which turned out to be another long and hilly route. It was very pretty out there but I wasn’t expecting to go so far or to have as many hills.

In the seven miles I ran there was 909ft of elevation gain! My calves are quite angry with me right now. My pace was okay given the hills at 8:20 but still on the dark side of the eight minute mark. I did stop three times to check the map and see where I was so that may have pulled my pace back a bit too.

I didn’t take water or any snacks with me but I did get to the end alive. Some of the roads back were narrow and quite busy. Thank goodness for the bright jacket and my new handy-dandy knuckle lights. They are really good for running with. 🙂


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