More Hills But This Time I Was Ready For Them!

I ran a similar route to yesterday today, but took a shorter downhill route to the entrance of Ridley Creek State Park. This afforded me the chance to run the 4.3 mile loop that is sign posted.

Quite a lot of the route is uphill as it gradually winds its way up to the top of the climb I did yesterday. Doing that as a down hill was sweet though. 🙂

There were a few other runners and walkers out today but no exercise class. Some of then thought I was a goose following them until I caught up. Not sure what to think about that… Honk!

Today’s was supposed to be shorter and fewer hills but it ended up being longer and about the same hills. Pace was similar too at 8:14 but I stopped once for directions and another time to remove a stone from my shoe.

The park is lovely but the roads to it are not very pedestrian friendly.


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