Kicked A$$

Today I needed to wind down the mileage a little so I drove to Ridley Creek State Park to start my run. This feels particularly lazy but there really are no safe roads near this house for running.

Given that I got there by cheating I chose to run harder. The 4.7 mile route I took went straight up a steep slope and I hit it hard. And I didn’t let up.

At the end my pace was 7:32 despite that hill and of the seven ‘courses’ that mapmyrun says I hit, I have first place on five of them! Yeah!

20131016-073710.jpgAfter reading in this month’s Runners’ World about trying not to do average runs all the time and focus instead on easy or hard runs, I think I shall try this. Differentiating then seems like a very good idea. All my runs have started to be average performance. Let the fun begin. 🙂


One thought on “Kicked A$$

  1. Move Eat Create

    Wow! That’s an impressive pace. Nice job with it! I need to take that lesson to heart and try to mix up my runs a little more, too. I’ve been doing a lot of ‘average’ runs lately. Time for some speed work, I think.


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