I am on the road for a charity that I volunteer for and that means a chance to explore another city: Austin, Texas.

The first thing I have to do when I check into the hotel is find out about running routes. I’ll be here for Friday and Saturday morning and intend to run on both of these, with a longer run on the Saturday.

A nice early run for Friday and a possible lay in for Saturday. Ah, bliss.

In theory. I woke up feeling very dehydrated from the flight and the three beers I had last night. I got up extra early to try and recover a little and then decided only to do a short run today. Perhaps hanging out at a Country bar and then a comedy club until 12:30 wasn’t such a good idea! It seemed like it at the time.

A pleasant 5.1 mile route from my hotel, u pto the Capitol building and then back down to the Ladybird Lake Trail to run around some pieces if that.

There were lots of other runners out; mainly women is pairs. I’m not used to that. Normally I run where I may see one person. Very odd especially for six o’clock in the morning.

I ran over a couple of bridges and through some parks, but it was really a touch too dark to get a feel for what the place was like. Dawn is thirty minutes later here than it is at home.

A fun run and now for a busy day. But first to hunt for breakfast. 🙂

Pace: 8:10, including stop lights and crossing roads. Acceptable.



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