Negative Split Eight Miler

Sunday afternoon and it’s time for a run. Back home from my trip to Austin and somewhat recovered from the excesses of that trip.

The weather was perfect and there were a few people to chase down on the trail. To the two people on their bikes that I overtook: you need to cycle harder.

At about the one mile marker I spotted a friend on his bike and waved hello. Always good to see friends on the trail.

Then I spotted another runner heading the same way but about half a mile ahead. Time to hunt him down. It took me about five miles before I finally overtook him as he was running a similar pace to me. Thankfully he was running the same route as me and turned at the same place.

So my main focus was to do a negative split which is really supposed to be running the second half of your run faster than the first, but I did it for each mile of the route. Starting with a 7:53 split and getting slightly faster to a 7:04 split by the end.

I also ran four ‘strides’ at the end. These are where you accelerate upto full speed over 100m, hold it for five seconds and then gradually decelerate. After seven miles of running they are quite hard, but are supposed to help train your fast twitch muscles.

I’m pretty happy with the run though.



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