The Morning After an Afternoon Run

Yesterday I ran a pretty fast eight miler in the late afternoon (4:30 pm start) and wondered what that would do to my morning run today.

At 5:30am I headed out of the door at a chilly 39F for a four mile run. My legs felt great as I started (neighbours dog thought it would try and chase me) and I had soon run the first couple of miles. I must have misheard the voice in my phone as I thought she said I was running 7:17 pace but it turns out I wasn’t. Grr.

Legs started to feel heavy around 2.5 miles and I slowed a little at that point.

Still it wasn’t too bad considering the temp and that I had been running hard just 12 hours earlier. 4 miles @ 7:42 pace.
Wore shorts and a thin long sleeve top with a thin reflective jacket, plus ear warmers for first mile.


2 thoughts on “The Morning After an Afternoon Run

  1. Doggy's Style

    I missed (woke up too late) my workout this morning and will have to do it tonight after work, it’s a 10 miler, which would be fine and I didn’t have 1km intervals scheduled for tomorrow. I’m dreading the early run tomorrow.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Yeah, that’s gonna be tough. If you do the ten miler as an easy pace run then that should reduce the potential. Or you could have considered doing a split run and doing half in the am and a bit more than half in the pm. Good luck…


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