Marathon Pace Sandwich. Yum!

In trying out some new run styles (as per Runner’s World Big Book of marathon training) I thought I’d try a marathon pace sandwich run (my name, not theirs).

This means running a mile at an easy conversational pace to start and a mile cool down at that same pace at the end, but the section in the middle should be at the marathon pace you are targeting.

20131023-062653.jpgFrom the results you should be able to see that I managed to hit those paces pretty well spot on. Previously I would have said that I find it difficult to change pace once I start running; I seem to lock into a pace at the start and just keep at that throughout. But clearly I managed to do it for this. I will say that the marathon pace I’m targeting felt quite ambitious (read hard) but it is supposed to be a challenge, right?

Again, it feels wrong to be training at anything other than the pace you intend to run the race at, but they are the experts so I’ll go along with it for now. 😉

Four miles @ 7:52 avg pace, with two miles at marathon pace.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Pace Sandwich. Yum!

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