Who Turned Off the Heat?

Brrr. 35F this morning and I did not want to go out and run. Friday is typically my track intervals workout.

I cycled to/from work yesterday and had an evening out with beer and beer-battered chicken which did not seem to agree with me (I don’t often eat fried food). But I threw on my cycling clothes from yesterday (it was too cold then to get sweaty riding) and hit the track.

My car was frosted over and I sat there considering my options. Should I go back indoors to the warmth?


No. No. No.

Off to the track. Once I was there it was cold, very dark and I forgot my gloves, but after a couple of laps warm up it got better. My warm up laps were at a consistent pace of 8:00 (+- 5 secs) and then I did my first fast lap at 6:28 pace. Two recovery laps (8:14 & 7:45) then another fast at 6:40. Not bad. Two more recovery laps (8:15 & 7:50) then a fast lap at 6:36. One more recovery lap at 8:17 and then a final blast around the track at 6:03. Whoop!

That makes 3.25 miles in 24:30. Not a brilliant time but it will improve as the ratio of fast/recovery laps improves. And at least I got out there and did it!


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