Weekend Update & Gingerbread Pancakes

There’s a reason why I like to ride my bike as my cross-training exercise. It is the group that I ride with. Oh, and the pancakes.

Today marked the first day official day of our winter season which is marked by breakfast stops at a diner in Phoenixville to warm our frozen, erm, fingers. My personal favourite from the menu are the Gingerbread pancakes, preferably with a mountain of powered sugar (thanks to my team mates telling the waiter to put ‘their’ helpings on my pancakes; thanks folks). Good times and hanging out with mates.

One of my friends is just starting out and getting into running. This is great. I love it when others start to enjoy running so I hope she can stick with it and get as much out of it as I do. As I say to all starters, just take it slowly and build your distance at your own pace. Don’t worry about how fast you run. Don’t worry how fast others run. The trick is to get moving and do it in such a way that you can keep on running with no injuries. For life!

Battery died in my Bluetooth transmitter. Don’t care.

Battery died in my rear blinky. Don’t care.

Puncture 1.5 miles from home. Humph. Stuff happens. I knew I should have checked the pressure this AM.

Tonight I decided I needed to get out and run my legs a little so I did a quick 6.5 miler. Much harder after a ride on the same day but I have to get my miles per week up. Pace around 7:45 so it was a middling speed which I am trying to avoid as per the plan; run faster or run easy and not in-between. Saw some friends out in the trail again so that was nice. 53F in shorts and t-shirt at dusk was a little chilly though.



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