Sweaty Cold Run

I ran out of proper cold weather running gear today so I pulled out some ski underwear and threw on a reflective jacket.

While it may have been 34F it wasn’t that cold and I ended up very sweaty after my four mile easy pace run today. I had another runner appear in front of me today from a side street and it was so hard not to chase him down. I did eventually catch up but it was all I could do to try and maintain my prescribed easy pace of 8:31.

I do hope these easy pace runs help because it feels so weird to be running at less effort…


2 thoughts on “Sweaty Cold Run

  1. Doggy's Style

    I usually workout underdressed because I hate carrying extra clothes and feeling too warm when I’m out there, which usually results on me shivering when I’m done working out and and it’s too cold.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Me too. But I ran out of normal gear and rather than bail on the run (or run in a summer t-shirt) I chose skiwear.

      I like to start out cold on runs as normally you’ll be warm within a mile or two.


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