Marathon Pace Sandwich: The Second Bite

Today’s schedule was for another bite of the Marathon Pace Sandwich. Starting with a one mile warm up do three miles of running at marathon pace and then cool down win another mile at the end. Unfortunately the route I chose was quite hilly and the extra mile really added to the difficulty of this run. I have to say that my legs did feel very strong considering the long run I did yesterday.

Without getting feedback from my phone on ‘current pace’ I still managed to nail the segments quite well. My warm up was at 8:58 pace, followed by some consistent 7:43, 7:40 and a 7:34 marathon pace segments, then dropping back to 7:58 for the recovery mile. My heart rate was still in the appropriate zones and only really spiked at the top of the three climbs on my route. Average pace across the whole run was 8:01.

Last night I read Dr. Nicholas Romanov’s “Pose Method of Running” (ISBN: 0-9725537-6-2). It basically agrees with my approach for running, but I thought that it spent more time talking about ensuring that you are simply lifting the support foot straight up using your hamstrings. I do this, but hadn’t really focused on that, so I did a quick check throughout today’s run and I was fine. There were quite a lot of exercises listed, some of which I may use, but there were a lot of things that seemed too complex. Exercises with partners and elastic straps connected between you; I don’t think so! There was also quite a lot of what I would call fluff around why he developed it, the history of running, the biomechanics, and some rather poor comparisons to other systems of movement that didn’t seem to add much to the text. I was easily able to skip large chunks of the book without missing much as if there’s a point he wishes to make then he repeats it and drills it home…


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