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Picture Postcard Long Slow Distance Run

Time to up my long distance a little and as I am in Ireland it is the perfect excuse for a long time out on the trails. 🙂

Today I ran from Murrisk, around Clew Bay and into Westport Quay, then back. Some of it was actually on the beach stepping carefully over large pebbles and I had to climb a wall to get back onto the roads as I ran out of beach.

12.4 miles with a pace of around 8:18 is pretty reasonable. I also stopped and took pictures just to prove how lovely it was out there.



Another Week, Another Country to Run In

After a weekend of travel and a little upset stomach (boo) I am getting back out on the roads around Clew Bay on the west coast of Ireland. We are here visiting family and I love this area for running. Last time I was here I ran up a Crough Patrick, but I think I’ll probably give that a miss at this time of year. Temperature-wise it is very similar to the US and there’s a little sun peeking through today.

As I’m still recovering from being sick I just did a quick 3.75 mile run to get my body moving. It was lovely. I ran to the beach and along a section of it until the sea cut me off from running further. The surface is mainly rocks rather than sand so it wasn’t difficult running other than keeping an eye open for holes. I also went down to the Abbey ruins and back through the village of Murrisk.

I’m looking forward to getting some longer runs in over the coming days now that my body has recovered.

I’ve Got Chills They’re Multiplying

Wow the weather has taken a cold turn. Brr. 25F actual with a feel of 20F. Yowzer!

Long, slow distance run today and the cold got into my bones at about mile 4.5. I had to put my gloves back on as my fingers froze. They can barely move to type this piece currently. My Clif ShotBlocks were very hard to chew too.

A good time though with a 10 mile pace of 8:31 and a negative split on the run too boot.

I’m finding the new shoes feel a little odd as my feet adjust back to having support in the right places. Calves are very achy so I’ll do some massager work later.

I knocked my elbow on the caterpillar tread of an earthmover today (bridge repairs) and those things hurt. I always imagined they were rubber but I guess not.

I need to defrost in a shower now and have something to eat.

Marathon Pace Sandwich: A Return to Speed

These last couple of weeks with all the travel I’ve been doing, I changed my running schedule to be “just get out there a run as much as possible”. This is all well and good as it keeps the legs moving, but it doesn’t really help you improve. So, today it was back to actually putting in some effort while running. I know! What a thought.

I tried for a three mile marathon pace sandwich (one mile warm up, marathon pace in the middle, then a mile cool down). I tried a new route today which didn’t quite give me three miles in the middle, but the splits look good.

The warm up was at a sensible 8:04, followed by 7:27, 7:20, 7:36 and slowing down with a 7:57. Pretty well spot on. If I break them down into half mile splits, one of them was a 7:03 which must mean it was downhill!

And way, it was a good run despite the ridiculous temperature. I thought 40F felt cold yesterday but today it was 27F. That’s 68 degrees lower than Friday’s run. Brrrrr. Ear warmers and gloves were on for longer but still came off after a mile and a half.

Additionally, the run was measured as 4.80 on mapmyrun and 4.84 by Nike+. Pretty darn close, I think you’ll agree. For something that measures based on foot fall it is pretty accurate… Or at least it is as inaccurate as the GPS; I guess that is a fairer way of looking at it. Pessimism never was my forte.

New Shoes vs Old Shoes

After taking a few days to recover from the flights back from Singapore I’m back out on the streets. A quick 5.3 miles today at an 8:10 pace. Just trying to get the legs spinning again. The first two miles were hard work then everything eased a little. I added an extra hill into the route today to make it a little more challenging.

Of course I totally over dressed as within a week I’ve forgotten what 40F feels like. Last Friday I ran in 95F so today I overreacted and put on ear warmers and gloves, neither of which were needed and were off within a mile.

The good news is that my new pair of Brooks Beast shoes arrived while I was away. I’ve taken some pics to show the wear on my old shoes after 542 miles in comparison to the new ones. The right foot outside edge was dangerously warn down.


20131119-064316.jpgSeeing them side by side like that is quite shocking. My old shoes show a little wear at the bottom of the heel but that is from before I changed my running style.

I’m not sure if I should be concerned about the amount of wear on that outside edge. I’ll speak to someone about it when I get the chance. In the meantime I think I’ll set the expiry of this pair to be closer to 400 miles before I get replacements.

A few more days running here then off on vacation where I’ll be running every day. Wahoo! Looking forward to it.

Last Run in Singapore

It is with sadness that I ran my last morning in Singapore. After a long week of client meetings I have some spare time today so I went out later and ran longer.

Today I did an 8.5 mile loop around the Bay Gardens that feature lots if regional trees. It was very picturesque until I ran out beyond the end of the Barrage and into what seemed to be a gigantic building site. It took me 15 mins to find a real path again and then I couldn’t find a way to get across the major highway so I could get back into the City. After asking two people who tried to direct me via the Subway system (no trains for me; I’m running) I finally found an underpass with a 2ft wide pathway down the side of it. Hurrah.

It was very hot and steamy with the temps in the mid 80s and high humidity, plus there was little to no shade on the bay edge. I found a water station after a bit of searching. A couple of times I just had to stop and walk. I think is was because I totally failed to prepare last night.

After a tough day in the office I thought I’d lay down for an hour before going out to dinner… BOOM! I woke up at gone midnight; much too late to go out and eat. So I slept through until 6:30am. Perfect, I’ve now adjusted to the timezone just as I have to leave!

Any way, that lack of food really affected my run today, plus the extra heat from running later.

Despite getting lost and walking a bit my stats still showed a 8.5 mile run with about a 9:20 pace.

I’ve enjoyed being in Singapore and look forward to future visits. I’ll bring lighter-weight running clothes next time though. Super light summer wear.

I’ll leave Singapore posts with the picture I took as I landed here. It made me snigger.

20131115-113115.jpgOh, you’d better believe it, Baby!

Run On

It’s 5am and warm in bed.
Another 10 minutes.
Run On.

The noise in the hotel corridor.
That’s rain. A lot of rain.
Run On.

The drunk guys making snarky comments
As you head from the elevator to the door.
Run On.

Within 100 yards you are soaked to the skin.
Another 100 and you are soaked to the bone. Smile.
And Run On.

The first deep puddle that drenches your left foot
And the right soon follows suit.
Run On.

Squelch. Squerch. Splot.
And more of the same.
Run On.

The harbour lights reflect in a complex dance on the rough marina bay.
Run On.

Who thought that marble would be a good material to put around their building in a place where it rains like this?
Opulent, yes.
Run On carefully.

Will the underpasses be flooded?
What a surprise they are dry. Perhaps I could wait for the rain to slow.
No, Run On.

The cars have all pulled over because they cannot see to drive.
Pull down the brim of your hat. Tilt your head forward and
Run On.

Do I need to shower at the end?
Probably, but the clothes do not need a wash.
Run On.

Just how wet was it?
My fingers are wrinkly.
Run On, my friends, Run On.

It seems to rain quite hard in Singapore.

Soaked to the Skin: Hurrah!


The View from Ku De Ta at the Top of the Casino.

After a 15.5 hour work day and then only managing to sleep for 5 hours due to jetlag, I was up and out bright and early this morning for a run around Singapore. I think the lack of time for a run yesterday didn’t help me get my body back in sync, but sometimes work has to come before play.

I knew I was heading the right direction for my run when I joined the back of a line of runners heading to the bay. Several others joined at various points and, for the first time in a long time, someone overtook me.

It was very hot even at 5:15am and after 30 minutes of running I had to stop and walk for a while. My t-shirt was too much when combined with the running hat I was wearing. Many men were running topless so I guess that’s acceptable here; maybe I’ll do that tomorrow if I can get past the jiggles. I always feel very self-conscious running topless.

I had just resumed running when, all of a sudden, a cool wind blew in from nowhere. That helped me recover more quickly and was followed by some thunder and lightning a couple if minutes later… and then the skies opened. I was soaked in the two miles I had to run back to the hotel but rain in these temperatures is still warm so it wasn’t too bad.

My GPS was off due to using only cell signals (no data plan here) but the Nike+ said I’d run about 5.4 miles. Given my lack of sleep that was enough.

Thoroughly enjoying my time here as we have a good team in our Singapore office. I’ll have to try a new running route tomorrow for some sort of variety though.

20131112-135311.jpgDrowned Rat.

Can a Man Bandit an All-Women Run?

I landed in Singapore at 3am this morning and at 7am I got up for a run. After 20 hours in aircraft and being in transit for over 27 hours, I wanted to get out and stretch before it got too warm.

Heading out it was overcast and a little drizzly but fine for running. Nike+ was all fired up and seemed to work well (although I guess I won’t ever know if I don’t plot the route!).

The hotel eventually suggested I run to the Grand Esplande and, low and behold, there was the Great Eastern Run going on. It is an all-women event so I guess I stood out a bit, but they had a route already marked out and that is super convenient.

Of course, I did the tourist thing of stopping to take some photos and I only ran 4.5 miles of the course, but not bad given the rather sporadic sleep over the last day and a half.

20131110-093301.jpgHere’s a view about across the bay and includes that weird hotel that has the top shaped like a ship.

I have to work this afternoon but really today’s big trick is going to be trying to stay awake until evening.

Massage, Track Gadgets and Off on Travels

Last night I got a much need massage from my trigger point therapist Judy. I’ve mentioned the range of pain and emotions from these visits before and, suffice to say, she found some more sore points in my feet and calves that had me climbing the walls. Excellent. 🙂

Today’s track run session was more for getting my nike+ gadget calibrated. I ran four laps (1600m) and set the device. Then ran another eight laps and it measured 2.01 miles. Pretty darn accurate. Within about 20 metres by my guesstimate and the last lap I ran fast (which changes strides). I wanted to get this set up because I’m off on business travels to Singapore and I’d rather use nike+ with no GPS than risk getting data charges overseas. Also, it is easier than using my lap counter when running at the track. Well, that’s the theory anyway. Time will tell. 🙂

I’m not very good at handling time differences but find that running at the destination helps so there should be a few posts around my running if my luggage survives the journey out there!

Now for a 14 hour flight followed closely by a 7 hour flight. Fun. Sitting still for that amount freaks me out more than anything else. Cabin fever!

Singapore, here I come. Get your running shoes ready…