We Are All Superheroes.


We are all superheroes and you should remember that. We get out of bed at stupid o’clock regardless of the weather and mood, and we do our thing. KickAss.

The Super Burtons were out in the neighbourhood last night protecting candy from the forces of evil. My daughter had a whale of a time and we have a ton of candy. I thought that might help supercharge my track workout today. No such luck.

The elements gathered against me for although it was a balmy 65F, it was raining and there was a very gusty wind. The problem with track workouts is that if there’s a wind from any direction you’ll end up running into it at some point on each lap. Today it was in the long back straight. I hadn’t realised how much that can affect your time.

There were other confounding factors today too. I received my new Nike+ sensor yesterday and tried to attach it to my non-Nike shoes. It came off on a ‘fast’ lap (#13) and I had to stop to pick it up which also stopped it sensing correctly. Boo. Plus, it doesn’t seem to hook up to my mapmyrun application which is a little frustrating as now I have to start Nike+, mapmyrun and then tap-a-lap. Ridiculous.

I warmed up over the first four laps (8:35 pace), first fast was 6:25, two recovery laps (8:57, 8:34), next fast at 6:22 Then I tried to cover my phone from the rain and accidentally pressed the lap button early (grr) but the average over the two recovery laps was 8:32. The next fast lap was 6:31 followed by two more recovery laps (8:54, 8:22). The next was supposed to be a fast lap but my Nike+ sensor came off my shoe, so I did two more slow laps (8:11, 8:13) and finished with a final blast at 6:12.

All in all an eventful run with weather and tech challenges. I still enjoyed it though.

You may also notice that I increased the distance for my track work to four miles rather than the previous 3.25. This distance will give me more of a challenge especially as I start to make the high intensity sections two laps long (‘Yasso’ 800 metre sprints).


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