Cross-Training in the Wind and Running in the Cold

Yesterday I ended up riding further than I expected to help support a friend. While an extra nine miles may not seem like too much there was a ferocious head wind for the return journey. Overall I ended up cycling 35 miles into 20+ mph head winds (70 miles overall). This ruined me for my afternoon run. My legs were jelly. The ride was good though and so were the cinnamon pancakes that we had mid-ride. 🙂

Today’s run was the first sub-freezing run of the season. The thermometer read 29F and the ‘real feel’ was 25F. Brrr. One underarmour layer and a reflective jacket, plus gloves, leggings and ear warmers and it is out we go! Ear warmers came off at 1.5 miles as there was no wind.

For some reason the GPS on my phone completely freaked the hell out on this run and the 4 miles was measured as 4.64. The return route was accurate but the outbound was all over the place. Were the military monkeying around with the calibration? Was my phone just freaking out at the cold? Shame cos it gave me a 4:04 mile for the second mile of the run. Can you imagine?

Fortunately when you run the same routes over again you know where to turn and just look at the overall time.

20131104-062500.jpgFour miles in 33.33 is about an 8:20 pace which is spot on for an easy recovery run.


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