Marathon Pace Sandwich: Hard to Swallow

Today’s mix run was difficult. One mile warm up, four miles of marathon pace and then a mile cool down. That’s a long time to go at that pace and my lets felt heavy. Waaaaa!

A beautiful morning for a run with 57F and none of the forecast rain. I kept my easy pace to about 8:45 and my race pace was slightly behind where I wanted it to be (7:44).

I was also distracted and messing around with the nike+ app which I still haven’t managed to successfully calibrate. I shall do this at the track tomorrow morning. I now have a little pouch for the widget on my shoe so no more losing it as I run. 🙂

The Nike+ app is pretty nice as it is integrated into iOS and just pressing the home button while running will get it to read your current stats. Nice touch. However, until it is calibrated it is just talking nonsense based on Nike’s idea of an average runner. According to their site the average male member (oh er) of my age runs 31.4 miles in 30 days. What a bunch of slackers. Or perhaps I need to step it back a bit? Naa.

My new shoes are en route but I don’t think they’ll get to me before I go away on business tomorrow so I guess I’ll be putting another 30+ miles on this pair before they are done.

I wonder if you wear through the soles does that make it barefoot running? 😉


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