Can a Man Bandit an All-Women Run?

I landed in Singapore at 3am this morning and at 7am I got up for a run. After 20 hours in aircraft and being in transit for over 27 hours, I wanted to get out and stretch before it got too warm.

Heading out it was overcast and a little drizzly but fine for running. Nike+ was all fired up and seemed to work well (although I guess I won’t ever know if I don’t plot the route!).

The hotel eventually suggested I run to the Grand Esplande and, low and behold, there was the Great Eastern Run going on. It is an all-women event so I guess I stood out a bit, but they had a route already marked out and that is super convenient.

Of course, I did the tourist thing of stopping to take some photos and I only ran 4.5 miles of the course, but not bad given the rather sporadic sleep over the last day and a half.

20131110-093301.jpgHere’s a view about across the bay and includes that weird hotel that has the top shaped like a ship.

I have to work this afternoon but really today’s big trick is going to be trying to stay awake until evening.


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