Soaked to the Skin: Hurrah!


The View from Ku De Ta at the Top of the Casino.

After a 15.5 hour work day and then only managing to sleep for 5 hours due to jetlag, I was up and out bright and early this morning for a run around Singapore. I think the lack of time for a run yesterday didn’t help me get my body back in sync, but sometimes work has to come before play.

I knew I was heading the right direction for my run when I joined the back of a line of runners heading to the bay. Several others joined at various points and, for the first time in a long time, someone overtook me.

It was very hot even at 5:15am and after 30 minutes of running I had to stop and walk for a while. My t-shirt was too much when combined with the running hat I was wearing. Many men were running topless so I guess that’s acceptable here; maybe I’ll do that tomorrow if I can get past the jiggles. I always feel very self-conscious running topless.

I had just resumed running when, all of a sudden, a cool wind blew in from nowhere. That helped me recover more quickly and was followed by some thunder and lightning a couple if minutes later… and then the skies opened. I was soaked in the two miles I had to run back to the hotel but rain in these temperatures is still warm so it wasn’t too bad.

My GPS was off due to using only cell signals (no data plan here) but the Nike+ said I’d run about 5.4 miles. Given my lack of sleep that was enough.

Thoroughly enjoying my time here as we have a good team in our Singapore office. I’ll have to try a new running route tomorrow for some sort of variety though.

20131112-135311.jpgDrowned Rat.


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