Last Run in Singapore

It is with sadness that I ran my last morning in Singapore. After a long week of client meetings I have some spare time today so I went out later and ran longer.

Today I did an 8.5 mile loop around the Bay Gardens that feature lots if regional trees. It was very picturesque until I ran out beyond the end of the Barrage and into what seemed to be a gigantic building site. It took me 15 mins to find a real path again and then I couldn’t find a way to get across the major highway so I could get back into the City. After asking two people who tried to direct me via the Subway system (no trains for me; I’m running) I finally found an underpass with a 2ft wide pathway down the side of it. Hurrah.

It was very hot and steamy with the temps in the mid 80s and high humidity, plus there was little to no shade on the bay edge. I found a water station after a bit of searching. A couple of times I just had to stop and walk. I think is was because I totally failed to prepare last night.

After a tough day in the office I thought I’d lay down for an hour before going out to dinner… BOOM! I woke up at gone midnight; much too late to go out and eat. So I slept through until 6:30am. Perfect, I’ve now adjusted to the timezone just as I have to leave!

Any way, that lack of food really affected my run today, plus the extra heat from running later.

Despite getting lost and walking a bit my stats still showed a 8.5 mile run with about a 9:20 pace.

I’ve enjoyed being in Singapore and look forward to future visits. I’ll bring lighter-weight running clothes next time though. Super light summer wear.

I’ll leave Singapore posts with the picture I took as I landed here. It made me snigger.

20131115-113115.jpgOh, you’d better believe it, Baby!


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