New Shoes vs Old Shoes

After taking a few days to recover from the flights back from Singapore I’m back out on the streets. A quick 5.3 miles today at an 8:10 pace. Just trying to get the legs spinning again. The first two miles were hard work then everything eased a little. I added an extra hill into the route today to make it a little more challenging.

Of course I totally over dressed as within a week I’ve forgotten what 40F feels like. Last Friday I ran in 95F so today I overreacted and put on ear warmers and gloves, neither of which were needed and were off within a mile.

The good news is that my new pair of Brooks Beast shoes arrived while I was away. I’ve taken some pics to show the wear on my old shoes after 542 miles in comparison to the new ones. The right foot outside edge was dangerously warn down.


20131119-064316.jpgSeeing them side by side like that is quite shocking. My old shoes show a little wear at the bottom of the heel but that is from before I changed my running style.

I’m not sure if I should be concerned about the amount of wear on that outside edge. I’ll speak to someone about it when I get the chance. In the meantime I think I’ll set the expiry of this pair to be closer to 400 miles before I get replacements.

A few more days running here then off on vacation where I’ll be running every day. Wahoo! Looking forward to it.


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