Marathon Pace Sandwich: A Return to Speed

These last couple of weeks with all the travel I’ve been doing, I changed my running schedule to be “just get out there a run as much as possible”. This is all well and good as it keeps the legs moving, but it doesn’t really help you improve. So, today it was back to actually putting in some effort while running. I know! What a thought.

I tried for a three mile marathon pace sandwich (one mile warm up, marathon pace in the middle, then a mile cool down). I tried a new route today which didn’t quite give me three miles in the middle, but the splits look good.

The warm up was at a sensible 8:04, followed by 7:27, 7:20, 7:36 and slowing down with a 7:57. Pretty well spot on. If I break them down into half mile splits, one of them was a 7:03 which must mean it was downhill!

And way, it was a good run despite the ridiculous temperature. I thought 40F felt cold yesterday but today it was 27F. That’s 68 degrees lower than Friday’s run. Brrrrr. Ear warmers and gloves were on for longer but still came off after a mile and a half.

Additionally, the run was measured as 4.80 on mapmyrun and 4.84 by Nike+. Pretty darn close, I think you’ll agree. For something that measures based on foot fall it is pretty accurate… Or at least it is as inaccurate as the GPS; I guess that is a fairer way of looking at it. Pessimism never was my forte.


2 thoughts on “Marathon Pace Sandwich: A Return to Speed

    1. pauldburton Post author

      GPS is fairly inaccurate too. I find that identical runs may have different lengths depending on the weather conditions. My wife also had issues with putting her iPhone in a pocket and running as that affected the GPS values really badly (it was all over the place).

      I admit that I mainly use GPS for all its failings. Generally I know the distance of the routes I run and I use it more to track my interval performance.

      It is nice having an alternative (Nike+) but I primarily got it so I could track the number of steps I take per minute. I want to work on cadence and this seemed like a good tool for that. 🙂


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