I’ve Got Chills They’re Multiplying

Wow the weather has taken a cold turn. Brr. 25F actual with a feel of 20F. Yowzer!

Long, slow distance run today and the cold got into my bones at about mile 4.5. I had to put my gloves back on as my fingers froze. They can barely move to type this piece currently. My Clif ShotBlocks were very hard to chew too.

A good time though with a 10 mile pace of 8:31 and a negative split on the run too boot.

I’m finding the new shoes feel a little odd as my feet adjust back to having support in the right places. Calves are very achy so I’ll do some massager work later.

I knocked my elbow on the caterpillar tread of an earthmover today (bridge repairs) and those things hurt. I always imagined they were rubber but I guess not.

I need to defrost in a shower now and have something to eat.


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